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Published Papers by Steve Last – A Resource Page of Archived Articles

On this page we list the papers authored and co-authored by Steve Last. Use the download button to save your own copies:

UK Landfill Treatment Schemes CIWM Paper thumbnailH Robinson, J Olufsen and S Last. “Design and Operation of Cost Effective Leachate Treatment Schemes at UK Landfills: Recent Case Studies”, CIWM Journal, November 2004.

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SBR Leachate Treatment Paper WasteCON 2004 RSA thumbnail image.Novella P, Haider S, Strachan L, Robinson R, and Last S, “Full-Scale Landfill Leachate Treatment In South Africa: The Use Of Aerobic SBR Processes And Reed Bed Systems”, WasteCon 2004.

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Last, S. D., D. MacBrayne, and A. J. MacArthur. “Deerdykes Composting Facility: A case study of the conversion of a conventional activated sludge sewage works to in-vessel composting, with sludge co-composting facility.” Proceedings of Kalmar Eco-Tech and The 2nd Baltic Symposium on Environmental Chemistry. 2005.
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The ATEX symbol.Last, Steve. “A Safe Landfill Atmosphere After 30th June? Implementing the Explosive Atmospheres Regulations for Landfills.” Wastes Management Journal, June 2006.
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Judkins Reed BedLast, Steve. “Waste Recycling Group Judkins Landfill Site: Reed Bed for the Treatment of Leachate Contaminated Groundwater” Paper Presented at the CIWM AGM meeting, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. 22 April 2004.
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Efford Landfill aerial view

S Last, J Olufsen, H Robinson – Linnaeus Eco-Tech, 2005 – BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF LANDFILL LEACHATE: EFFORD LANDFILL, HAMPSHIRE, UK – A CASE STUDY. Kalmar ECO-TECH ’05 and The 2nd Baltic Symposium on Environmental Chemistry. 2005.
Download Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachate: Efford Landfill

Compost from windrow maturationLast, Stephen. “The Composter’s Guide 1 to Simple Windrow Facilities”. Compost Association, UK. Composting News, Volume 9 Issue 1, Spring 2005.

Casting Deerdykes windrow composting slabLast, Stephen. “The Composter’s Guide to Buying Equipment and Services”. Compost Association, UK. Composting News, Volume 9 Issue 3, Winter 2005.Pps 26-33.

Arpley Leachate Treatment Plant construction aerial view.S Farrow, S Last, D Jones. “Remediation of leachate problems at Arpley landfill site, Warrington, Cheshire, UK“. CIWM Scientific and Technical Review, 18-26. 2004.

Steve Last. “An Introduction to Waste Technologies”. IPPTS Associates. 2006, 2019.

Strachan, LJ, Robinson, HD, Last, SD, Payne, G and Wright, M (2007). Development of leachate treatment at a large new tropical landfill site. Paper presented to Sardinia 2007, the Eleventh International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, S Margherita di Pula, Cagliari, Italy, 1-5 October 2007. In the Proceedings on CD ROM, 10pp.