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Case Studies of IPPTS Associates Consultancy Projects

The following are case studies, showing the work completed by the IPPTS Associates, Environmental Engineering Consultancy.

Waste Management DSEAR Risk Assessment case study

DSEAR Risk Assessment for a Waste Treatment Facility Located on a Capped Landfill

DSEAR Risk Assessment Service DSEAR Risk Assessment and Explosion Protection Document provided for a waste processing facility located above a capped, but large and deep heavily gassing landfill in Wales. Features: Site visit with in-depth interview of facility operatives to scope the potential landfill gas health and safety risks Production of risk assessment table with […]

leachate pollution incident environmental emissions compliance advice

Case Study 8: Leachate Pollution Environmental Compliance – Water Chemistry Expert Service

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Water Chemistry Expert Client in East Anglia, UK. Reporting, remedial works inspection, and regulatory authority liaison in connection with a problem with environmental emissions compliance including independent advice on water quality sampling data interpretation after a pollution incident in connection with an anaerobic digestion facility (biogas plant). Worked to repair […]

in-vessel composting case study environmental waste processing

Case Study 7: In-Vessel Composting Facility Design

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] General waste management expert, and composting process design Developed the process design and provided engineering advice, to Glonet Consultants, for the feasibility studies for two large In-vessel MSW Composting Facilities planned for two municipalities in India. Estimated at £15 Million to £19 Million construction cost.

Leachate storage tank environmental compliance consultant

Case Study 6: Four Storage Tank Methane Stripping Plants

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Expert for 4 landfills in Yorkshire and Derbyshire Outline design, elaboration of technical specifications and procurement of 4 No. Water treatment plants for the large solid waste management company WRG (now FCC) at 4 landfills in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, for the removal of methane to enable the resulting leachate to be […]

Nha Trang landfill vietnam leachate treatment

Case Study 5: Leachate Treatment for New Landfill in Vietnam

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Expert Nha Trang Landfill Project: Completed a leachate treatment and disposal options study, drafted the technical specifications and provided a full report on the preferred treatment process and disposal option, for the landfill owner which was the Regional Government. Preferred treatment was Extended Aeration SBR to sewer, after review of […]

Leachate environmental compliance options

Case Study 4: Leachate Management Environmental Compliance

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Expert Commercial client in North East England. Leachate Management Options Study: Including a report on alternative leachate discharge routes, with and without on-site leachate treatment using alternative leachate treatment process options. Report and subsequent discussions with water treatment process specialists and contractors recommended that environmental emissions compliance be achieved a combination […]

Deep Moor Landfill environmental compliance consultancy case study

Case Study 3: Leachate Study for an Active Landfill

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Expert Deep Moor Landfill, Devon, UK: Review of Leachate Generation and Recommendations on Measures to Reduce Leachate Generation Rates. An assessment of leachate ingress sources from above, around and below a partly capped and restored active landfill in the last few years of its active life. Study resulted in recommendations […]

closed landfill

Case Study 2: Leachate Management at a Closed Landfill

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Expert Leachate Management including report on Collection and Treatment Options and Risks, for alternative uses of a closed landfill in South East England.

landfill-design-case study

Case Study 1: Landfill Extension Project

[su_heading size=”18″]IPPTS Associates Role:[/su_heading] Leachate Expert, Landfill Expert, and Team Leader Extension Contract for a Sanitary Landfill, North Cyprus funded by EuropAid. Responsible for leachate treatment and landfill extension design for the landfill which serves the whole of the north of the island of Cyprus. Work included reporting Green Waste Composting and Construction Waste Recycling […]