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Image illustrates IPPTS' Environmental consultancy/ Compliance Service.

IPPTS Associates’ principal environmental consultant has wide experience in providing environmental consultancy services such as the design procurement and commissioning of leachate treatment plants, landfill design and development, waste facilities, anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and many other waste treatment process designs.

In addition, we provide advice on landfill gas extraction systems and food waste pretreatment recycling plant design, both in the UK and worldwide.

IPPTS Consultancy Services List

We have particular specialist expertise in:

Call or email us with details of any project which requires professional environmental engineering expertise or an environmental compliance service. We will provide more information on the services we offer.

Development Project Consultancy Service Roles

IPPTS Associates Environmental Consultancy Services: One of the top Environmental Consultant Services.
Potential Consultancy Service Roles in Development Projects

Summary of  Environmental Consultant Services Offered

At IPPTS Associates, we provide full-service environmental engineering and waste management consultancy services.

Our principal Stephen Last BSc Civ Eng & Env Studies, MICE, MCIWM, CEnv is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of design, reporting, environmental compliance and all related services.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we are committed to delivering sustainable solutions that meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations.

When you work with IPPTS Associates, you can trust that your environmental consulting needs are in good hands.