landfill-design-case study

Landfill Extension Case Study

Landfill Extension Contract for a Sanitary Landfill, North Cyprus funded by EuropAid

landfill-design-case study

IPPTS Associates Role: Leachate Expert, Landfill Expert, and Team Leader

Responsible for leachate treatment and landfill extension design for the landfill, which serves the whole of the north of the island of Cyprus.

Work included reporting on green waste composting and construction waste recycling options.

Responsible for specification, bill of quantities, and provision of all contract documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long did the landfill extension project take?

The landfill extension project took approximately 3 years to complete.

What were the main environmental concerns addressed during the project?

The main environmental concerns addressed during the project included:

  • leachate accumulation within the landfill
  • lack of leachate treatment and disposal
  • lack of cellular development of the landfill base, resulting in the collection of large quantities of leachate
  • stability of waste slopes and a large bund.

These were mitigated through:

  • design provision for a leachate treatment facility with evaporation in leachate evaporation ponds
  • future planned cellular design to minimize leachate generation
  • structural stability assessment with calculations was completed, resulting in changes to site structures and operational practices.

How did the community react to the extension project?

The community’s reaction to the extension project varied. Initially, there was some opposition and skepticism, but through effective communication and engagement, we were able to address concerns and gain community support.

What were the major technical challenges faced during the project?

The major technical challenges faced during the project included

  • Designing for construction by the local workforce with no previous experience in landfill development.
  • Managing stormwater during construction required innovative engineering solutions and technologies to overcome.

What measures were taken to ensure the project’s compliance with regulations?

To ensure compliance with regulations, we implemented site personnel training, which included guidance on the risk of landfill gas explosions, etc. These measures were regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure adherence to environmental standards.

How was the project funded?

The project was funded through EU funding sources. The funding was secured through partnerships and EU Commission support.

What were the long-term benefits of the landfill extension?

The long-term benefits of the landfill extension include:

  • Long-term capacity to accept waste at the landfill
  • Leachate management and disposal are now provided
  • Increased landfill capacity, extended lifespan,
  • Positive environmental impact, and improved waste management practices.


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