Case Study 8: Leachate Pollution Environmental Compliance - Water Chemistry Expert Service

IPPTS Associates Role:

Leachate Water Chemistry Expert

leachate pollution incident environmental emissions compliance advice

Client in East Anglia, UK.

Reporting, remedial works inspection, and regulatory authority liaison in connection with a problem with environmental emissions compliance including independent advice on water quality sampling data interpretation after a pollution incident in connection with an anaerobic digestion facility (biogas plant).

Worked to repair relations with the local Environmental Regulator (Environment Agency (EA)), averting the risk of prosecution of our client by the environmental regulatory body.


  • co-ordination with the EA throughout remedial works phase
  • Engineer's Inspection Report on completion of remedial works by the civils contractor
  • the production of a Water Quality Monitoring Procedure for use by the client
  • a programme of water quality monitoring with trigger levels for corrective action in the event of an excedence
  • assignment of watercourse water quality compliance criteria which proved to be acceptable to the EA
  • surface-water water-quality monitoring to demonstrate a successful clean-up of watercourse
  • expert reports to interpret water quality trends using Laboratory Water Quality Reports on a monthly basis, to demonstrate water quality compliance.