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IPPTS Associates Environmental Consultancy Services Including Environmental Compliance

Image illustrates IPPTS' Environmental consultancy/ Compliance Service.

IPPTS Associates has wide experience in providing environmental compliance services in the design and commissioning of leachate treatment plants, landfill design and development, waste facilities, anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and waste treatment process design.

In addition, we provide advice on landfill gas extraction systems and Energy from Waste (EfW) plant design, both in the UK and worldwide.

IPPTS Consultancy Services List

We have particular specialist expertise in:

  • landfill design, landfill gas extraction, and energy from waste
  • waste facilities design
  • anaerobic digestion plant infrastructure/ biogas systems
  • waste management services procurement for local authorities and companies
  • leachate management and treatment
  • construction consultancy, including construction management and supervision
  • environmental compliance consultancy, including SSAFO regulations compliance
  • support to AD and water treatment plant operators following water discharge environmental compliance incidents
  • water quality monitoring including Water Quality Management Plans, Sampling Procedures, and interpretation of water quality monitoring data received back from laboratories
  • technical input to EA Enforcement Undertakings in the event of a non-compliance incident involving the escape of water pollutants, including slurry and clamp liquor
  • technical advice after pollution incidents including liaison with the local environmental regulator
  • landfill gas monitoring
  • ATEX and DSEAR compliance (including Risk Assessment) see our specialist DSEAR compliance service website here
  • Health and Safety when working in confined spaces.

Call or email us with details of any project which requires professional environmental engineering expertise or an environmental compliance service. We will provide more information on the services we offer.

Development Project Consultancy Service Roles

IPPTS Associates Environmental Consultancy Services
Potential Consultancy Service Roles in Development Projects